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Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ann Handley did a great job analyzing this past spring’s Pew Research Center report on teen social media use and in particular the role of Facebook (the platform that over 70% of teens use).

She notes that in order for organizations to better promote their value to teens, they should do the following:

1) Publish better Facebook content not necessarily more of it

2) Use visual aids and photography effectively

3) Reach out to smaller size audiences which are those “you care most about.”

4) Get active on Facebook groups and private groups.

In particular she discusses some key developments in how adults and teens use Facebook.

I am enclosing a table that notes the trends.

 Teens and Facebook  Adults and Facebook
 Facebook is a “news-curation” feed  Facebook is a social networking platform
 Post less frequently  Post frequently
 Posts discuss things they care about or are announcements to friends  Private groups “augment the Facebook experience”, but are not central.
 Infrequent updates to profile pages  More active publicly than privately
 Lurk more than post
 More active privately than publicly
 Heavy use of Facebook Chat and Groups
Private groups are at the center of how they use the platform

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