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I like so many of the finalists of the Knight News Challenge for Libraries. Since I gear a lot of my blogging to the intersection of libraries and business, I’ll start there. So what winning entries from the Knight News Challenge for Libraries stood out for me in terms of library outreach to startup businesses and entrepreneurs?

101: Coworking at the Public Library. The Miami Dade Public Library is using space as a valuable resource to provide “freelancers, entrepreneurs and innovators a physical place to do collaborative and creative work. These coworking spaces include conference rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, electronic white boards, virtual conference rooms, and computers and laptops.” This is a great idea. It asks the question, what can the library do to help a growing segment of the country’s economic engine and then provides a response using library space. I can’t wait to see how this evolves with Knight News funding.

Kent State University Library operates NE Ohio Regional Business Information Bureau. In this proposal Kent State, “would like to establish a Regional Business Information Bureau that could provide quality information to entrepreneurs and small business owners who could not otherwise afford access to these resources. Clients could contact the Bureau directly or be referred by public libraries, Chambers of Commerce and economic development agencies. Research consultations would be conducted by appointment in the bureau, e-mail, Skype or any relevant technology. This Bureau would also deliver various group seminars on Finance, Marketing or Information literacy concepts that would be taught by College of Business and Library faculty. Eventually, these seminars could be adapted for online tutorials.” A fantastic idea! What Miami-Dade accomplishes with space Kent State accomplishes with information provision and research consultation. Take a look at Kent State’s team. They built a relationship with their College of Business Administration and their lead librarian has an MBA. I’ll be on the lookout for updates on this venture.

Congratulations to Miami Dade Public Library and Kent State University!


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