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A few things I am looking to do in 2017 as the sun sets on 2016

1)      Eliminate the non-essential in all of its formats (noise, mental distractions/worries, unnecessary technological activity, and material/physical stuff) in order to focus on what is most important.

a.       I’m reading the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo to start the process

2)      Do more Stopping and Savoring of Experiences instead of Rushing Through Experiences

a.       I’m working on being more contemplative/ reflective instead of trying to hurry up and grasp for a quick jolt of exuberance in a given life experience. It pays to stop and savor the moment. Lingering in the joy of a positive moment allows a sublime memory to cement itself in the brain.

3)      Use the “inner drill sergeant” in the right contexts, turn him off when appropriate

a.       I constantly had the “inner drill sergeant” going at full blast at all times even during off days which creates far too much self induced pressure. My off day was fully regimented from start to finish, with no time to stop and think about the big picture.  What I am planning to do is use “the inner drill sergeant” to take on my most important tasks and for doing regular physical exercise. I plan to have some-time when I am “at ease” for non-task oriented life experiences.

4)      Teach others how to do something that I’ve been doing for a while

a.       It pays to spread the wealth of knowledge. This empowers others to do something that they have not done before and to develop their confidence and skills. It also allows for a positive relationship to form between the learner and the teacher. The teacher also benefits by having time to move onto other challenging concerns while the learner handles a task that they have already mastered.

5)      Connect with community and nature more

a.       I plan to have one day a week where my car use will be very limited if I choose to use the car at all. It pays to walk around town, visit places I haven’t seen before, and to see what people are up to. This also allows for a savoring of nature and getting outdoors.  A side benefit is that without the use of the car, I can’t get trapped into doing chores during the entire day. If I can’t walk to where I need to be, it’s not going to happen.  The kiss of death for a day off is driving a long distance to accomplish an Administrative Concern (AC) which is an errand or chore.

6)      Lead initiatives when passionate about leading,  but also be open to being a wise follower

a.       Have you ever gotten voluntarily  involved in a group in your community and been asked if you want to lead such and such group, program, activity, etc? If you’re passionate about it, have the time for it, get off the charts personal enjoyment (PE) out of it, and will get the support you need from the community group then go for it! On the other hand if you’re passionate about it, being a follower is still great with a far more flexible level of commitment. There is nothing wrong with saying, “I already have leadership commitments elsewhere. This activity (group, club, program, etc.) allows me to have fun while not feeling overcommitted. If you’d like I can give you my thoughts on the characteristics of a person that could best lead this.” If you don’t have leadership commitments elsewhere just use the last two sentences from the quote above.  A wise follower recognizes that their maximum personal enjoyment (PE) is found in an equilibrium between being active/dedicated to something, but not being overcommitted.

7)      For days off make sure PE (Personal Enjoyment) activities outweigh completing ACs (Administrative Concerns). The worse case scenario is that PE activities should be equal to ACs. Never let ACs outweigh PEs on an off day if you can help it.

8)      Give thanks everyday as each day brings gift

9)      Strive for 20 minutes of pure silence each day, work up to an hour of silence each day by the end of 2017.

a.       This is pure meditative silence. No actions should be completed during this time. I am hoping to strengthen my creativity muscles.

10)   Journal and record the positive unforgettable found in each day. Don’t feel bad about postponing non-emergencies if you have to, non-emergencies end up being the forgettable stuff in life anyway.

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