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What is Visme?

Visme is a company which produces online software that allows one to take an idea and create high quality visual content to explain or promote that idea. The company’s website states that, “Visme is a simple and powerful tool to translate your ideas into engaging content in the form of Presentations, Infographics, Reports, Web Content, Product Presentations, and Wireframes.” The company started in 2013 in Maryland and has been perfecting its product ever since. For more information about Visme see Jeremy Brown’s October 2015 article in Rapid Advance http://www.rapidadvance.com/blog/visme-what-is-it-and-would-your-small-business-benefit-from-it. In addition, also see Eileen Brown’s May 2015 article in ZDNet at http://www.zdnet.com/article/visme-presentation-and-storytelling-simplified/#!

Are there any videos out there of the Visme product in action?

Yes, for some samples videos see the YouTube video entitled Visme – the Best Online Presentation and Infographic Tool at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbtT2jcmQ1s and the YouTube video entitled How to Easily Create an Animation Using Visme at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhYYxFfRW4s&feature=youtu.be.

Who does Visme seek to serve?

Mainly it is for people with little or no graphic design experience. Individuals and organizations can both take advantage of the product. Visme’s website indicates that its product is used by over “300,000 marketers, communicators, executives, educators and non-profits from over 50 countries.”

What is the cost of the Visme product?

Currently, there are three pricing models. The basic model is available for free. The standard model is $7.00 a month, and the complete model is $16.00 a month. For more information see http://www.visme.co/pricing/

When will the new Visme product upgrade will ready for review?

The company is forecasting the product upgrade being ready for review in the upcoming week.

How can I review the Visme product?

Those interested in reviewing the product can contact the Visme Support Team at http://support.visme.co. You can ask for a complimentary Premium Account and Visme will follow-up with you.



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