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If librarians come across patrons needing to find partners (technical or business) to build a business than librarians should be aware of these two sites which ate CoFoundersLab and founder2be.


What about patrons that just need technical cofounders or technical support?

Jason L. Baptiste (cofounder and CEO of Onswipe) in his book The Ultralight Startup noted the following ways to find tech cofounders on pages 84 and 85:

1) Follow Hacker News at news.ycombinator.com .

2) Look into local tech meetups at www.meetup.com

3) Talk to past or current coworkers who may be knowledgeable

4) Attend Hackathons, for more information see www.StartupDigest.com

5) Check out Startup Weekends at www.startupweekend.org

For other technical assistance, check out sites like the ones listed below:

Elance, odesk, and 99designs 

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