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(Photo of M3D founders David Jones (left) and Michael Armani, photo taken by Lloyd Fox for the Baltimore Sun)

It’s not often that we learn about high tech innovation outside of Silicon Valley, but there is something being created in central Maryland that all librarians will want to be aware of.

What’s that you ask? A 3-D printer for $349.00. That’s right!

On October 18 the Baltimore Sun’s Arthur Hirsch wrote about a new company called M3D (http://printm3d.com/). See http://bsun.md/1ppphy2 for the article. Founders David Jones and Michael Armani have created Micro, a 3-D printer that can stand “on your desk or kitchen counter.”

Hirsch notes that, “a figurine can take from an hour to nearly two hours to make, a smart-phone case between two and three hours.”

Read the article and explore the company’s website for more information.

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