I caught this Village Voice blog article by Sam Levin (written on February 21, 2012) as it came across the ALA Twitter feed this week. The article does a great job of articulating how political support for libraries can be achieved if libraries are able to align their missions with the current needs of their wider community. In this instance the need for job and career search assistance is vital so libraries are playing a key role in this venture. The article does a good job explaining the partnership between the library system and  NYC’s workforce career centers, partnership which NYC Mayor Bloomberg launched. Last year the partnership helped NYC residents land 35,000 jobs.

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In one of the the Public Libraries magazine issues from 2011 I saw an article about Rebecca Vnuk’s blog which discusses different books.

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I was just looking through the American Libraries November/December 2011 magazine and saw a note about a blog by Monty Joynes praising librarians. I will place the link here below if you want to check it out.